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Our Team!


Michael McDonald


Michael handles marketing and business development. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and anything outdoors whether that be bike rides, hiking, or golfing.


Ryan Omel


Ryan is from Lincoln, Nebraska. The most important thing in Ryan’s life is his belief in God and trust in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  Nothing else comes close to that! Ryan is married to his beautiful wife and together they have five children. Ryan enjoys time with family and friends, gardening and golf, real estate investing, traveling and experiences. 


Construction Coordinator








Hiring Manager


Lead Launch Agent





We Are A BBB Accredited Business

We are a legitimate house buying company that offers cash for your house anywhere in the US. We are determined to give you an excellent experience. We do things the way it should be done (the right way). If you are interested in selling your house or simply interested what a offer may look like from us, it will cost you nothing, but a couple of minutes. Our services are completely free and you will receive a no obligation offer for your property. We are buying houses, condos, apartments, multi-families, and even lands!

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When you fill out our form you will receive a fair offer on your house based on the market value of the property and the repairs needed. We will do our best to close on your property as fast or as slowly as you want. Remember everything is up to you and your time schedule.

Rocket Homebuyers Is The Leading Home Buying Company That Purchases For Cash!

We offer cash for properties across the US. We do not require loans or approval from banks, which gives us a major advantage of being able to get your cash and close very fast. We are able to purchase and close on properties that have extensive damage and need major repairs because your typical loan or home buyer is not interested in or can’t get bank approval to finance the purchase.

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